Cup Washers

Cup Washers provide high loads in small spaces. Cupped washers come in varied radiuses and depths.

Cup washers are small, lightweight washers with a concave shape that serves as an insulating, decorative, and supportive accessory for bolts and screws. They feature a bowl-like central depression that allows for a snag-free grip when tightening a bolt or a screw head.

These types of washers act as countersunk elements or surface mounts. Those made for surface mount purposes resemble pet water bowls with a dished center and raised sides.

This design offers a good bearing surface for a screw with the head sitting inside the concave area. The raised sides protect against potential shorting hazards in electrically live applications.

Cup washers for flash mounting also have a dished center but flanged sides. They feature internal contours ideal for flat-headed bolts and screws or countersunk. It allows them to lay flush with the material surface.

cup2 cup

OD                              1.2500 + .015 – .015

OD                              1.6250 + .015 – .015


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