Wave Washers

Also known as bowed or curved washers. Best suited for applications that require flexibility or the ability to provide torque or load. Wave washers come in various deflection ranges and degree of curvature.

They are a fastener accessory that create a small gap between two surfaces. They get their name from their wave-like shape, which creates a spring force. That’s what makes them excellent shock absorbers. 

Wave washers are also known as coiled wave springs, or wave springs. They work by applying tension or storing energy when under force. They help to ensure the assembly’s strength and stability, and prevent failure due to vibration or other movements when installed between two surfaces. 

The wave-like shape allows for a small amount of deflection. The result is a greater load-bearing capacity in a compact space. Wave washers also help offset tolerance deviation and prevent loosening due to movements and vibration.

At Minneapolis Washer and Stamping, we provide different types of wave washers to meet the unique needs of our customers. They include:

  • Interlaced wave springs
  • Nested wave springs
  • Crest-to-crest wave springs
  • Single turn wave springs


wave_washer wave


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