Belleville Washers

Belleville washers have the highest load capacity of all spring washers. This type of washer is used to solve spring problems of high loads, limited space and small deflections. Belleville washers are usually made from high carbon steel, spring-tempered phosphor bronze, beryllium copper or stainless steel.

bevellelled2 belleville

“C” Shape Washers

C-Shaped Washers are perfect for use with existing components. C-Shaped washers can be slid into position, eliminating the need to completely dis-assemble components for use.


Cup Washers

Cup Washers provide high loads in small spaces. Cupped washers come in varied radiuses and depths.

cup2 cup

“D” Shape Washers

“D” shaped washers are available in various sizes and materials. “D” shaped washers are used when there is not enough room for a standard washer and also the washer will not rotate.


Round Washers

Round Washers perform many functions. Flat washers are the most common way provide a way to properly seat nuts, bolts, screws and rivets. Washers help to insulate, seal, lock, space, align and distribute loads.


Rectangle Washers

Minneapolis Washer manufacturers a variety of rectangle and unusual shaped washers.

rectangle_washer rectanglular

Square Washers

We have the ability to product exact and uniform shaped washers. Precision manufacturing of tight tolerance stampings and washers is our specialty.

square2 square_od

Tab Washers

Tab washers provide a way to lock in, control spin or assist in alignment of other components. They come in a multitude of sizes, thicknesses and materials.


Wave Washers

Also known as bowed or curved washers. Best suited for applications that require flexibility or the ability to provide torque or load. Wave washers come in various deflection ranges and degree of curvature.

wave_washer wave

Saddle Tube Washers

  • Mild Steel
  • Commercial Zinc/Clear Plated

Saddle2 MPLS Washer Stocked Specialty SS_MAR15_HOR


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