Square WashersSometimes, you come across a fastener that requires a different type of washer. Other than the standard flat and lock washers, there are various other types of washers with different shapes and purposes. One of these is the square washer.

But what is it and when do you need it? Here we’ll look at square washers and when it’s the best to utilize them. In turn, it will help you ensure your projects are securely and efficiently put together.

What is a Square Washer?

Also known as construction square plate washers, these fasteners are, as the name suggests, square-shaped. They have a larger surface area than standard washers and can better distribute the load of the bolt or screw. This character makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications where a lot of pressure gets exerted on the washer.

Thanks to their shape, square washers prevent the bolt or screw from turning once it’s been tightened. That’s because the washer fits snugly into the head of the fastener, locking it in place. It adds an extra level of security to the connection, making it less likely to come undone.

But how do they work to minimize turning? The flat sides come into contact with the flat side of the material you’re bolting together. This design stops the fastener from loosening over time and becoming loose.

Apart from distributing torque and head loads more evenly, the large surface area of the square washer also works as a shim under the crown of the bolt or screw. By taking up more space, it balances out any material surface irregularities, providing a level and secure hold.

When to Use Square Washers

Construction projects often use square washers thanks to their ability to provide a secure grip. They’re commonly used with lag bolts and carriage bolts. If you’re working on a construction project involving wood, metal, or concrete, then square washers are the way to go.

You may also find them in:

  • Aircraft Exhaust Manifolds
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Spiral Welded tube for burner pipes and flues
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment

Square Washers Material

Square washers come in a variety of materials depending on the application. You’ll most likely come across square washers made from steel for construction projects. That’s because steel is strong and durable, able to withstand heavy loads without bending. Other materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Low carbon steel
  • Alloy Steel Washer
  • Nickel Alloy’
  • Duplex & Super Duplex Steel

Square Washers Sizes

Since every project is unique, it’s essential to have a variety of square washer sizes on hand. Luckily, they come in many dimensions, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Additionally, they have different thicknesses to cater to load requirements.

We at Minneapolis Washer and Stamping provide a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from. That way, you can be confident you’re using the suitable washer for the job.

Now that you know more about square washers, it’s time to put them to good use. If you’re working on a construction project, make sure to have a few of these handy. Contact us today to make an order.

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