What are Belleville Washers, and What do They do?Belleville washers, also known as conical washers, are disc-shaped parts acting as spacers and spring washers. They get their name from their inventor, Julien F. Belleville, who patented them in 1867. They are conical in shape, with a large outer diameter and a small inner diameter.

The large outer diameter provides a larger bearing surface, and the smaller inner diameter allows for a greater deflection or load-bearing capacity. But how do Belleville washers work? Keep reading to find out.

How do Belleville Washers Work?

The conical shape of Belleville washers makes them well-suited for use as both spacers and spring washers. The large outer diameter provides a larger bearing surface, while the smaller inner diameter allows for greater deflection or load-bearing capacity.

When used as a spacer, Belleville washers prevent two surfaces from coming into contact. They can be crucial in preventing damage to delicate surfaces or in providing a gap for heat to dissipate.

Belleville washers help distribute the load evenly and prevent fasteners from loosening when used as a spring washer.


As a Belleville washers manufacturer, Minneapolis Washer & Stamping offers a variety of materials to choose from, including:

  • Stainless steel: A popular choice for Belleville washers due to its strength and resistance to corrosion
  • Brass: A softer metal that is often used in applications where vibration is a concern
  • Bronze: A strong metal that is resistant to wear and tear
  • Copper: A soft metal that is often used in electrical applications.

Belleville Washers Applications

Belleville washers have a variety of uses in different fields, including:

  • Automotive: Belleville washers are commonly used in automotive applications, such as suspension systems.
  • Aerospace: Belleville washers are often used in aerospace applications, such as aircraft landing gear.
  • Industrial: Belleville washers are used in various industrial applications, such as pumps and valves.

We also offer belleville washers in various styles and sizes to meet your specifications. When selecting any washer, consider your application’s load and size requirements. Some of our sizes include:

  • OD 1.1250 + .005 – .005
  • OD 1.2400 + .010 – .010
  • OD 1.2500 + .019 – .019
  • OD 1.5000 +.010 – .010
  • OD 1.6000 + .003 – .003
  • OD 2.0500 / 2.070 BELLEVILLE
  • OD 2.2500 + .030 – .030
  • OD 4.4850 / 4.492 BELLVILLE

Types of Belleville Washers

Minneapolis Washer & Stamping manufactures a variety of Belleville washers, including:

  • Belleville DIN and Disc Spring (1)
  • Belleville Flange Washers
  • Imperial Belleville Washers
  • Metric Belleville Washers

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