Belleville WashersA Belleville washer is a conical-shaped disc spring with a hole at its center, in which you place a fastener. The conical shape-like feature gives it the unique characteristic and functionality of a spring. 

This cupped feature enables the washer to handle heavy loads by distributing tension when it contracts. The washer, also known as a cupped disc, is used in many companies due to its unique characteristic.

How to Use a Belleville Washer?

There are different ways of utilizing a Belleville washer; you can use a single one or stack several in different patterns to achieve varied benefits. The patterns are:

  • Stack in parallel (Facing a similar direction) – Increase the load
  • Stack in series (Facing each other) – Increases deflection
  • A combination of the series and parallel patterns

Can You Reuse a Belleville Washer?

Yes. A Belleville washer is durable due to its cupped feature, enabling it to withstand extreme pressure. Before reuse, check for any damages that may have resulted from overuse previously. 

What Are the Benefits of a Belleville Washer?

A Belleville washer increases tension and offers the following benefits depending on where you apply it.

  • Distribute loads evenly
  • Conserve space
  • Offer great versatility when stacked in series or parallel
  • Prevent bolt failures
  • Increased load capacity
  • Minimize thermal expansion
  • Increased deflection
  • Absorb or dampen shocks
  • Offer a long service life
  • Maintain the positioning accuracy of ball bearings
  • Increase the reliability of machinery

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Belleville Washer

When choosing which Belleville washer to use, consider the following three parameters;

  • Torque 

Torque is the force you need to exert on a fastener. To ensure the washer and the fastener work perfectly, ensure the torque for both matches. The torque should not be too much to deform the fastener’s threads or be less.

  • Diameter 

A Belleville washer relies on its diameter to achieve clamping power. If you use a Belleville washer with a diameter that exceeds the connection, then the clamping power will be less than you need. 

  • Finish 

Certain solvents or fumes may interfere with the Belleville washer’s efficiency. A standard finish should work perfectly, like in many other washers. If it doesn’t work, talk to your manufacturer’s product applications engineer to advise you on the best option to avoid compromising the efficiency of your Belleville washer.

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