Fender WashersFender washers are flat, similar to standard ones but with a proportionally larger outer diameter than the inner diameter. They are made from a thinner gauge metal than most flat washers and protect surfaces by evenly distributing torque when you tighten a bolt or screw. They are very durable and prevent corrosion between an aluminum surface and a steel screw. The larger diameter makes them ideal for fastening in soft or thin materials.

Types of Fender Washers

One thing that separates fender washers is the material used in making the fender. Some common washers are made of the following materials:

  • Steel fender washers, plain fastener finish
    They have a plain fastener finish.
  • Steel fender washers, zinc-plated fastener finish
    They are moderately corrosive and useful in less demanding applications.
  • Stainless steel fender washers, plain fastener finish
    They have an extra-wide diameter ideal for use with oversized holes. Provide optimal resistance to corrosion in demanding applications.

Fender washers are available in ferrous and non-ferrous materials and stainless and low carbon steel. You can also get your preferred heavy fender washers in finishes like Cadmium, galvanized, or zinc.

What Are the Uses of Fender Washers?

Fender washers can be helpful in several ways. They prevent nuts or bolts from wearing down on the joining surface by evenly distributing the load between the mechanical object like a metal sheet of wood. Other uses of fender washers are:

  • They prevent corrosion between a mechanical part, for example, an aluminum surface and a steel screw.
  • They reduce abrasion and noise, for example, by using a nylon washer under a machine screw.
  • They offer electrical insulation, for example, plastic washers.
  • To seal spaces in plumbing and hydraulic projects.
  • They are used in auto-body restoration.
  • In applications using wood paneling or drywall.

What Are the Benefits of Fender Washers?

Fender washers have great capabilities due to their unique difference in the inner and outer diameters. They provide a higher level of protection against damage than other types of washers by distributing the fastener’s load across a large surface area.

You can also use fender washers to secure fasteners in corroded or rusted parts. When you use a fastener over the washer, it will go straight without having contact with the corroded surface since it will catch or attach to the washer. The large outer diameter provides more stability for the joining parts.

Fender washers can also be useful when a screw or bolt has created a crack on the surface of the joining material.

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