What is Metal StampingStamping is a term used to describe the process of shaping metal using dies and stamping machines. The metal is shaped using a tool and die surface in a sheet metal stamping machine. 

To produce a finished product or part, stamping services place the material between two dies and use pressure to form and cut the material.

Metal Stamping Processes

Punching; A punch press forces the punch tool through the metal. This process causes the metal sheet to be punctured and the scrap slug positioned under the metal sheet.

Blanking; In this step, a metal blank (or form) is cut from a sheet of metal with a basic contour that matches the finished design. Manufacturers use this interim measure to prevent burrs from forming in later stages.

Embossing; Cold-forming embossing can be used to create complex shapes or to embellish metal objects. The three-dimensional graphics are transferred to a workpiece’s surface using male and female dies.

Coining; Workpieces must be squeezed tightly into a die with a lot of force. Once the metal has been properly shaped, the die inserts it into the finished product. By repeatedly striking metal objects with great energy, coining also smooths their edges.

Bending; The two-dimensional metal sheets made earlier become three-dimensional when they are turned. To get a precise bend or shape, you may clamp one side of the workpiece while twisting the other over a die. 

Flanging; Flanging is the process of bending metal tabs and portions on workpieces at a 90-degree angle. To employ flanging on a workpiece, you must only use it on small pieces. You can apply flanging to dies used for other stamping procedures to save time and money.

Metal Stamping Operations

A few metal stamping methods worth knowing about include:

Transfer Die Stamping

The die is first transferred from one metal sheet to another using a transfer die stamping machine, then moved to the next stamping station. The fabricator can then use a variety of presses to manufacture a variety of products simultaneously.

Progressive Die Stamping

The process begins with feeding a roll of metal into the press. The metal then moves through a sequence of tooling stations, each performing a different metalworking operation (e.g., cut, bend, and punch). 

Compound Stamping

Cutting, bending, and punching can be accomplished with a single downward die stroke in compound stamping.

Clipped Stamping

Clipped stampings are ideal if you do not have enough room for a full washer, or there is a rotation issue of some sort. 

Fourslide Stamping

Rams on either side of the machine move the workpieces. It’s a new stamping method, rather than the traditional one, in which a press descends.

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